Nov 13 Out of State Guests

Leaders of the Faith Community:

You are invited to come to Minnesota to commemorate the Dakota March and to support the Dakota people.

To help coordinate logistics for guests, please email:

Host Hotel: Holiday Inn Bloomington
1201 West 94th Street, Bloomington MN 55431

Book online or call:1 877 834 3613
There is a shuttle from the Minneapolis - Saint Paul Airport to this hotel
Rotary will provide vans to transport guests to event locations on Nov 12 & 13.

Monday Nov 12 Arrive in Minneapolis
~6:00 PM dinner at Saint Bonaventure in Bloomington
7:00 PM Clergy and volunteer orientation. 
8:30 PM Evening prayer

Tuesday Nov 13  
(All times are approximate)
6-7 AM Breakfast, Saint Bonaventure Catholic Community  (RSVP)
Sunrise 7 AM Opening Prayer
8:30 AM Pass by the 78th Street Light Rail Transit Station
Pass by the Minnesota Wildlife Refuge, Longmeadow Unit in Bloomington
Cross the 494 Bridge on sidewalk
Walk up 13 through Mendota Heights
Cross the Mendota Bridge on sidewalk
Take trail to walk past the Historic Fort Snelling down the hill to the Dakota Commemoration Site in the Fort Snelling State Park (near the Park Visitor Center)

~1:00 Closing Prayer Ceremony
2:30 PM Feast begins at Saint Bonaventure Church for Dakota March participants
(other guests please RSVP by registering at

Ideally, all out of town guests will arrive on 11/12 to attend an orientation at to pray together.
If you only have limited time, please plan to join us on the west side of the Mendota Bridge to welcome the walkers as they descend the hill to Bdote and the concentration camp area.  Following the ceremony, you will join all the participants for the feast if you have registered.

For groups that are coming earlier than the 12th to serve the walkers and the support team, email:  memo Stephanie

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